WordPress Plugin, Premium Source Code

With cryptocurrency watchlist you are able to create a watchlist form for your users. Users can enter the symbol of a cryptocurrency they want and then check some quick info about that cryptocurrency every time they enter the site.

Cryptocurrency watchlist shows price, 1 hour change, and 24 hours change of the price of the cryptocurrency.

Data is saved on cookies and there is no use of database in this plugin.

All of the data of specific cryptocurrencies are shown in a well designed box and they are fixed. This design includes a picture of all of cryptocurrencies supported. The pictures are not saved on your server. The pictures are received from a URL to reduce the storage size of the plugin.

The design of the cryptocurrency entry form depends on your WordPress theme and there is no specific design for cryptocurrency entry form. This helps to increase the flexibility of the plugin. It helps your form to be more connected to your theme.

This plugin supports more than 1000 cryptocurrencies including some tokens.

Type: Premium Source Code
Verion: 1.0.0
Last Update: 07 DEC 2018
Platform: WordPress Plugin
Author: MHD MAY
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