We're a Team of Professional Programmers

We publish source codes online. Some are open source (free) and some others are premium (paid).

Our mission is to write high quality source codes and grow the programming industry.

We provide open source and premium products. Through open source products we can invite more contributors to work with us and grow the indutry. Some of our products are premium and have features that make them very unique. With a mix of open source and premium products we will be able to achieve our mission.

Why Megacrypto

High Quality

Our top priority is developing high quality source codes. Anything we publish has a very high quality.


We have many open source source codes. But even our premium source codes have very affordable prices.


Customer support is important. We provide support for all products we publish (open source & premium).

Our Latest Products

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

Our Latest Blogs

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New Updates Coming

We are working on new updates for some of our source codes. They will be published soon.

Expanding Partnership

We have started to expand our partnership with other startups to provide better products.

New Products

We are currently working on new products and we will be publishing them soon.

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